Catching up with an Old Friend… with Tricks up my Sleeve!

When I first started working at DDA over 5 years ago, I primarily designed and built websites. During those times I learned a lot about making efficient sites which were– and still are– very search engine friendly, user friendly, and aesthetically designed. Search engine optimization has always been a high priority at DDA, rightfully earning us a “Ten most dependable search engine marketing firms of the United States” 2008 award from Goldline Research.

One of my first websites designed and built at DDA is getting a facelift. With advances in animation and interactivity on the web, we are able to build some fancy online tools, to mach the tactile qualities of the client’s material testing machines. With a tool selector on the homepage, anyone looking for a specific type of material testing machine will be sure to find a proper machine in no time at all. With the tool being powered by an XML database, additions and changes of machines and their specifications will be easily managed, with the capability of content management.

Although I will not be working on any of the html buildout, which taught me a lot about material testing and the client’s products, I will be able to offer services which weren’t part of my skill-set 5 years ago. I wonder what we will be able to offer the client for their next website facelift in another 5 years!