Cleaning the Clutter

This past holiday weekend was fun, relaxing, and productive. Erin and I got to see a lot of our friends at various barbecues, pool parties and shows, spent some quality time together while fishing in the Wissahickon, and rearranged furniture in the house, forcing us to clean out and throw out!

We both love furniture and are moderate pack-rats but rooms were getting cluttered and floor space becoming labyrinths. We decided to take two large wood chairs to the garage for storage and our TV was moved from its emphasized placement on a long table in front of a large open wall, to a smaller adapted piece of furniture from the dining room in a corner next to our technology closet (the one with modems, routers, printer, all that clutter of cables that can easily be hidden by closing the closet door). We then moved the tall, heavy bookcase, which I made out of wooden beams, from the dining room to the open area where the TV was, completing the living room and leaving it with much better dynamics and floor space. In place of the bookcase in the dining room, we mounted our newly acquired red cabinet/curio, which came from an old pool-hall, finally giving us a place to exhibit our various fossils, rocks, and other natural global findings and again opening up our floorspace. The results were rewarding and brought renewed energy to our house and our presence within it.

With the holiday weekend behind us, I’m excited to get back to the work at-hand at DDA. A number of projects in the forms of interactive websites, medical CMEs, virtual simulations, 3D animations, and promotional videos continue down the production line, meticulously being designed, programmed, modeled, animated or edited. My focus is geared towards programming an extensive image library containing over 2,000 entries. Just like the cleaning and re-arranging of my house this past weekend, the code in the tool needs to be clean and free of clutter to function as efficiently as possible and provide the user with the best user experience each time they return to the tool.