Collaborative Interactive Programming

I was recently forwarded a link to yet another interesting and thought provoking video on, one of my preferred video websites. I was reminded of a talk given by one of the founding members of Papervision3D that I was looking for a couple months ago. After finding its page, which still currently has no video, I was lead to a listing for another video relating to Papervision3D and more specifically, augmented reality. This interactive medium takes a live image or video feed and adds layers of data, information, or visuals that change the appearance of the live image. For an example, if you have a webcam, check out our promo video DDA in 60 Seconds and be sure to stay until the very end. Well, apparently the speaker, who shall go unnamed to prevent further abuse, presented the technology without mentioning all those who  initiated the creative process and contributed to its programming, making it seem like he was the sole creator. Understandably, this didn’t go unnoticed and a salvo of accusatory comments were posted directed at the presenter and TED immediately after the video was made public. Lesson learned. Just like the rise of Papervision3D and Augmented Reality, our own projects at DDA are a cumulative and collaborative effort of many and all receive praise and credit when the goal is accomplished.