Commercial of the Week

It’s been a couple weeks since I’ve talked about my favorite commercial of the week but I think it’s time to make the announcement. There have been a couple of commercials taking the form of public service announcements of a very disturbing kind. The message is along the lines of escaped non-humans from a certain “District 9″ and any non-human sightings should be reported to MNU, and I don’t think they’re talking about non-humans like my dog Indie. The PSAs list a website and phone number to call. I called the number and tried to speak with a rep but as soon as I was about to give them my name, the line was interrupted by strange, garbled, non-human noises followed by an eerie synthesized human voice.The commercial is for the movie to be released this August called “District 9″. Following the website address on the commercial leads to a great interactive and video integrated website. From this main website one can access other related websites that compromise a great marketing theme. Other sites include a blog created by the non-humans, or aliens claiming that MNU spreads lies, and an interactive 3D game site. Marketing campaigns, like the one for District 9, are the kind that really inspire when working on various video integrated websites, interactive websites, 3D games at DDA. The goal is always to capture the user’s interest and make them move through a site and be entertained. Needless to say, I can’t wait until the movie comes out in August.