Commercials These Days

Lately it seems that commercials are all about cell phones and fast food and it’s kind of making me sick. I guess it might help if I watched less TV! But seriously, it seems that every 5 minutes I’m forced to watch the newest smart phone available flash through application screens, maps of its 3G coverage or people stuffing their faces with 89 cent burritos or piled-high burgers. Can we have some variety here?!? Well, I guess it’s a sign of the times, today’s speed of life. And I’m playing a part in the market for these commercials, I own an iPhone and those 89 cent burritos are great! But is that all we’re really after? Fast information and fast food? That’s why I’m driven to write about good commercials when I see them. They are commercials that remove you from the every day life, commercial that say “slow down” and make you think more creatively or more cerebral.

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