Creation Appreciation

Working on your house is fun, rewarding, and great for creating metaphorical blogs of working at DDA. Oh, it’s also tiring. The latest renovation taking place at #428 is stripping, sealing, and repainting the front porch. Whilst pressure washing the porch the other week, we discovered that water was getting between the walls at the perimeter of the porch and seeping into the basement. Further investigation revealed some old loose concrete and caulking filling large gaps that have grown from shifting and settling of the walls over time. So this past weekend was spent chipping off the old concrete and caulk, cleaning the surfaces and sculpting a new lip of concrete to fill the gap between the porch floor and the bumpy and irregular Wissahickon Schist walls. Since the repair has been covered with plastic after final smoothing yesterday afternoon, I have been constantly taking peeks under the plastic, testing the hardness and admiring our first endeavour with concrete. The joys of creating something are vast, from discoveries of new processes to constantly looking back and admiring the fruits of one’s labor. At DDA, I am constantly admiring the work that we create, from product catalogs and tradeshow graphics to 3D animations and website Video integration. Creation appreciation is rampant throughout the DDA office.