DDA, A Smörgåsbord of Digital Marketing Skills

Since we’re in November and I haven’t had breakfast yet this morning, my mind started thinking about that day highlighted on my desk calendar, Thursday November 26th, Thanksgiving! I can’t wait to spend the joyous occasion with the in-laws and think of holidays passed with my family when we all lived in the US and especially, the opportunity to indulge in plentiful and delicious meals. Sweet potatoes, turkey, corn, stuffing, yum!

Just like how my eyes will be as big as the dinner plate in front of me on that special day, clients should be just so excited when they meet with us at DDA to discuss their marketing needs. With all the skills and knowledge possessed by all the staff, the possibilities are endless! You name it, we got it: tradeshow graphics, brochures, custom calendars, product photography, promotional videos, 3D animation, 2D animation, interactive websites, custom applications, e-commerce websites, e-learning websites, medical simulations. Yep, it’s a crazy buffet with limitless combinations and variations. So if you’re hungering for some marketing needs, we’ll dish you up something you’ll never forget at DDA!