DDA CD-ROM Tracking Widget… coming soon?

Whenever a job is quoted for CD-ROM authoring, we always offer the option of tracking the CD-ROM usage. It can be as simple as tracking how many hits a CD receives to capturing and storing test results and contact information. Of course, this tracking does require an internet connection in order to transfer the information and the user is usually informed of this process to prevent any surprises, creating a friendly user experience. (Sometimes anti-virus software may prompt the user to allow the CD-ROM internet access.)

With the currently popularity of desktop widgets on both PC and MAC platforms, one of DDA’s many side-projects is to work on similar widget applications. With CD-ROM tracking being a popular item on DDA’s menu, it only makes sense to create widgets that are able to track the usage of these CD-ROMs. The widgets would be client specific, displaying all the relevant tracking criteria and would be highly accessible, nested on the client’s desktop. So when you contact us for your CD-ROM authoring and tracking needs, request a DDA Tracking Widget too!!!