DDA’s CD-ROM/DVD-ROM Authoring Capabilities

DDA has always included CD-ROM and DVD-ROM authoring/production in its services menu. Even before my presence on the DDA team, which started about 5 years ago, the work has been cutting-edge. There were projects which included videos, narrated product demonstrations, 3D product diagrams, and interactive tests and questionnaires.

Now, DDA still hangs 10 on the surfboard of CD-ROM and DVD-ROM technology. The possibilities are almost endless when it comes to the functionality and user experience of a CD-ROM/DVD-ROM application.

We recently completed a project for standardizing the Glasgow Coma Scale and West Haven Criteria ratings for patients suffering from Hepatic Encephalitis in preparation for clinical trials. This CD-ROM includes approximately 40 minutes of training video and case scenarios all filmed on-location by the DDA Video team. At the end of the video training, the user is asked to take a test, and is then forwarded to on-line testing. If the user successfully passes the test, they are presented with a printable personalized certificate. Particular attention was paid to make the experience seamless and simple in order to keep the users attention and provide a pleasant training and testing experience.

Other current projects include an interactive product catalog featuring video demonstrations, dynamic product pricing where the CD-ROM pulls pricing from an update-able, on-line location, and website shopping cart integration.

We at DDA are always ready to meet any CD-ROM and DVD-ROM authoring challenge and are always proud to deliver an exciting, informative and valuable tool to our clients.