I don’t own any of Radiohead’s albums, in similar respect to not owning any of the Beatles’s albums (although I recently bought the album “Love” and have an MP3 of the song “Norwegian Wood”). Even though their music is amazing, I don’t feel the need for ownership as their music is abundant on the radio. With that being said, Radiohead’s art direction has always interested me (and many others) and I started paying close attention to their music videos and using them as inspiration while studying at MICA. The “No surprises” and “Karma Police” music videos were of particular interest. Since then, I have really fallen out of touch with their visual creations, until now. They have again created something different, original and inspiring with their “HOU SE OF_C ARDS” music video which uses no video, only data visualization. It’s the type of forward thinking and creativity that I thrive to possess and implement in the various marketing videos, product videos, flash animations, and 3d animations we work on at DDA.