Don’t be Afraid to Grab the Yoke from the Pilot…

But don’t fly it into the sea.

On Tuesday I returned from a trip to see my parents in France. Returning  to see them is always priceless, spending time gardening together, catching up on news in a mountain restaurant, or enjoying each others presence while silently walking through the oak forests.

My father will be turning 60 on December 26th and unfortunately, I will not be there for the occasion. So during my visit last week, we surprised him with something really special. In the past couple years, he has been very interested in flight simulators so my mother thought it only a natural progression to actually have him fly a real plane, and that’s exactly what we did.

We took him out with a ruse to see some sort of outdoor demonstration only to end up at a flight school and surprise him with a flight lesson. He smiled and laughed nervously, but I could tell he was excited. Surprisingly, the flight instructor asked my mother and I to come up in the plane also, an opportunity one couldn’t refuse. Before we even knew it, the four-seater single prop piper plane was up in the air, soaring over the mountains and beaches of the Côte d’Azur. My father took the controls and as my mother and I sat white knuckled in the back of the plane, he flew the plane.

Life is about trying, seeing and experiencing new things, although it might not always be comfortable or familiar. These experiences open new doors and create new perspectives from which we learn and grow. At DDA, we hold the same attitude. We explore each and every proposal request to the fullest, whether it is a video integrated website, custom application programming, medical or corporate training tool, product video, or something we haven’t even conceived of. And since we host a complete set of digital advertising and marketing service, the possibilities are endless.