E-Commerce Website User Experience

These days, a lot more shopping is done online. I know that I certainly make use of e-commerce websites when looking for clothing, shoes or to find a unique item or the best deal on electronics. Some sites offer interesting navigation tools or special features highlighting a product.

At DDA, one of our biggest e-commerce sites is chains-and-charms.com which includes countless different charms and pieces of jewelry. The site offers multidimensional navigation methods and viewing of 360 degree spins of a number of charms, clearly creating a unique and fulfilling shopping experience.

Just as Chains-and-Charms.com offers a tons of jewelry, DDA offers a variety of digital services to meet and exceed any of your e-commerce needs. Such services include, to name a few, custom e-commerce website storefront designs, e-commerce shopping cart systems, e-commerce database programming , and secure e-commerce credit card processing.