eLearning Every Day

With the nicer weather this past weekend possibly lulling us into a false sense of security, I made the most of the warmer temperatures by cleaning out the garage, raking up some leaves in the driveway and working on my motorcycle. There were a couple issues I tried to tackle namely a wiring issue from the stator to rectifier which was causing excessive heat and a troublesome clutch. Through some troubleshooting and surfing on the web, it seems that I might have a bad stator probably the result of the previous owner using an old battery. The clutch on the other hand, I’m not too sure. I’ll start with flushing the fluid and work through a process of elimination. As this is my first motorbike, I’m certainly learning a lot and of course, the Internet is proving to be an incredible resource of information.

Motor mechanics isn’t the only thing I’ve been learning about lately. Each day at DDA, I’m learning new things about coding with Flash and Flash Media Interactive Server, video editing and 3D animation.  I’m constantly gaining new insight into making eLearning applications, virtual simulations, and interactive websites more optimized, user friendly and engaging with my colleagues and the Internet as valuable resources.