Expansions and Additions to the DDA Video Studio

Moving to the new office space has greatly increased the potential for our in-studio capabilities. The width and depth of the studio has about tripled in size, allowing us much more freedom for movement of both actors and camera. Luckily, we have enough space to add an isolation room for recording voice-overs and narration for tradeshow videos, training videos, corporate videos, etc.

To the studio, we have recently added a camera portable jib and dolly system, both of which would have been unusable in the tight space at our old facility, although this never held us back from creating exciting and creative videos. The jib will allow for great perspective shots of actors or a scene as well as sweeping shots of landscapes and architecture. The dolly system will give us the option of moving smoothly through a scene or around an actor.

I have no doubt that these new tools will become extremely useful and beneficial to future projects.