File Presentation on a Mac

Whether downloading an application from the internet or launching a CD-ROM, if the authoring source has any sense of design and user experience aesthetic, the application folder will be clean and provide clear direction in what application to open or copy. Unfortunately, since the new X operating systems were implemented, the autolaunch function for CD-ROMs and applications on the Mac platform was omitted. This mostly being due to preventing malicious software from invading a computer.

There is standard process for developing icons and folder backgrounds for Mac applications. For icon creation I use Iconographer and Pic2Icon. Although the software was created a few years ago, I still find it useful. Background images are easily made in Photoshop. Using Terminal, I create an invisible folder in the disk image. The background image is placed in this folder and the display settings of the disk image window are changed to show the background image that now resides in the invisible folder. Spending a bit of extra time when finalizing a project really can make all the difference. Catching the users attention and making their experience pleasant is crucial from the get-go.

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