Find your Bugs on Safari

When on Safari, you can be adventurous, explore and see incredible things. But beware, you’ll run into the occasional bug, sometimes lethal, other times biting or itching and some you can just swat away. At least that’s the impression that I get from TV documentaries and Apple Inc..

Luckily, unlike a real safari, Apple’s Safari web browser provides X-ray vision with their activity viewer which gives you a behind the scenes view of the possible sources of bugs that might ruin your online experience . This gives added depth for troubleshooting online Flash tools which are comprised of dynamically loaded items such as audio files, images or SWFs.

I use the activity viewer constantly when proofing the many Flash programs that we develop at DDA. From interactive virtual tradeshow booths, to video integrated training tools, 360 product spins, and video synched presentations. When I have exhausted the tools in Flash for debugging a program, I can always trust Safari to shed some light into the nooks and crannies of the app and find that nasty little bug I’ve been looking for all along.