Flash Production Planning

Currently, we have a number of very interesting and very involved flash projects in the works. Simply tackling them without any proper production planning would be a bad move. A number of factors need to be considered to be certain the applications run smoothly and are adaptable and modular. One specific medical training and medical simulation project needs to work as individual pieces and as a whole, almost like those Transformers combiners where a bunch of them interconnect and form one huge transformer (man those were awesome, I never had one though). The various elements of the project need to be mapped out and specific programming processes defined. A major benefit of this planning also helps the DDA team work more cohesively. Often times, work needs to be passed on or split between the various DDA Flash animators and programmers in order to balance workload. Just like we have out own personalities, we each code a little differently and it can sometimes take time to become familiar with each others coding in individual projects. Proper production planning puts everything into perspective and allows us to deliver the product in the most efficient manner possible.