Framing Things Out

Last weekend, Erin and I hung out with our friends and their kids. We spent a good amount of time in their pool, me, repeatedly throwing Benji (age 6) into the deep end and Erin swishing Freda (age 2, I think) around in the shallow end. Basically we were entertaining the kids while our friends took a break. After some good relaxation in the pool (and a number of Benji breaks!) I wandered over to Joe’s current project; a tree house. His plans are elaborate, consisting of a front porch, staircase, and a design to match their Tudor style house. Of course, the most important stage of the build is the support and framing of the tree house.

This week, I have a few things I want to be sure to complete or get started as I am off for vacation next week, visiting family in the UK. Much like the Joe’s treehouse project, it involves underlying support and framing. A couple interactive CD-ROMs have had their designs approved and are just about ready for their User Interface build. Taking the graphics from the designers and placing them in Flash requires good organization and optimization practices from the get-go. The basic paramaters for the CD-ROM are set and arranged appropriately to receive the content currently in the making. Having the shell or framework ready by the time I leave will allow the other Flash developers and programmers at DDA to easily pick up the project and add any content in my absence.