Get Your Website Optimized… You Might not Know What You’re Missing!

There’s a reason why DDA was voted top 10 in the country for Search Engine Optimization, from the inception of a website to its launch, we’re always thinking about it. If you have an old website, not only might it deter users because of an aged appearance or primitive navigation, people might not be finding it in the first place!

Just like the project motorcycle I just bought a few weeks ago. Upon taking it apart and checking its various systems, I found that its performance is being dramatically hindered. The most shocking discovery being the rodent’s nest in the air filter box! Upon opening the lid for the filter, I was shocked to find shredded pieces of what appeared to be cotton or some sort of insulation and various organic debris. Unbelievable!

So who knows what’s been lurking in your website — bad forms, broken links, stagnant content? Over the winter I’ll be thoroughly optimizing my ’85 Honda Sabre, and perhaps you should think about optimizing that website that’s been sitting around. Oh, and while you’re at it, let us redesign your website, add some engaging interactivity and integrated streaming video. With DDA by your side, your website is bound to get noticed.