Gettin geeky, within reason

So, here’s my geeky blog of the week, just in case my blog yesterday about WALL-E and his cockroach wasn’t geeky enough. The iPhone 3G is coming out in a couple weeks … and I’m going to get one. It’s been hard to resist temptation since the first generation of iPhones were released just over a year ago, on June 29, 2007. How do I remember this? Well it was my birthday, and it would have been a really sweet birthday present to myself! But patience is a virtue and in this case , worthwhile.

The new iPhone 3G is a pretty sweet gadget, blending phone, mp3 player, video player, camera, and web browser. It has been a while since I have been on a cell phone contract, as I have been using Virgin Mobile’s convenient “pay as you go” plan, which suits my not-so-chatty cell phone usage. Although this has been an economical decision, I am ready to make the change. Having family overseas, five and six hours ahead of Eastern Standard Time, makes communication on a regular basis a bit tough. With decent international rates and Quad band capability, calling the folks spontaneously and while traveling will be more readily available.

Now, with the App Store, the possibilities are endless as to what applications will eventually be made available for this phone. I am very interested in the possibilities of making applications for life on-the-go. With a free SDK available for making applications, I am eager to jump and and see what chaos I can create (or not). With DDA always exploring new media and staying on the edge of technological advances, it may not be long before you see iPhone Apps and services listed next to website programming, ecommerce sites, tradeshow videos, flash games, virtual tours and all the other services we provide.

PS – Another thing I’m looking forward to … catching up on news during my lunch break (I am my Dad’s son after all!).