Getting into Character

Over the weekend I went to see the movie WALL•E. It is a great movie that is funny, sad, environmental and entertaining. The human qualities that WALL•E exhibits are so true they make you think of your own behaviors while doing mundane daily activities such as putting your shoes on in the morning before going to work, still groggy from the night’s sleep. A great thing was achieved when one even had feelings for the cute cockroach who plays the role as WALL•E’s pet, even with wagging “tail” motions (yes, I did say cute cockroach!).

Creating a character that is truly going to work and be believable takes a lot of dedication by the animators. Although it isn’t actually one’s self on the screen, it is an extension of the psyche. You have to put yourself into the character and sometimes act out motions to translate them properly to the character’s animation. With our current work on the DDA Corporate and Medical Training (CMT) project, we will be getting into character as SEAL the training seal. Hopefully we can take a day trip to the pool to swim around like seals!