Getting the Best Shot

When I get home in the evenings or when I’m just relaxing over our three day weekends, I like to put on the TV and find interesting documentaries or watch favorite shows like Dirty Jobs, Myth Busters or a number of other shows on the History, Discovery or Animal Planet channels. A lot of the time I’m thinking of how certain shots are being setup, and what the camera operator is having to deal with in order to get the best shot. At DDA, we’ve got some great gear to allow us to get the best shot whether we’re shooting a medical procedure video, product installation video, spokesperson video, or an educational video. Some of the equipment includes tripods, monopods, camera cranes, and camera dollies. Luckily, we’ve also got our DDA Studio Ford F350 to haul all our gear to the next shoot! So if you think the video you have in mind might have some challenging shots to tackle, give us a try; we’re up for the challenge.