Getting the Right Shot

Earlier this week we had an on-location video shoot scheduled just outside of Washington DC to document the process of replacing various types of windows with new modern and economic ones. We had everything prepared and ready to go.  Our Sony HD camera, camera crane, an assortment of tripods, lights and microphones were all packed. We also had the rain hood and umbrellas at the ready should it rain. Well, unfortunately, it did rain. The installations take place even during light rain, but of course would be risky during heavier rain. So, it was decided to postpone the shoot. Although we could have worked in those conditions, it just wouldn’t have been right for the video. Presentation is everything. The client provided us with their previous installation video. The video is shaky, shots are not framed properly and sometimes capture the cameraman’s equipment in the background, and the workers aren’t wearing company-branded attire. It was instantly clear that DDA would provide a product miles high over its quality, we just need to be sure the sun is shining brightly!