Group Critique

DDA Carnival is almost ready to go live. We plan on adding more words and content to the site, but in its current stage, it is ready to face the world wide web. We have a meeting scheduled today for all those involved in the project. We will be able to get a feel for the whole navigation of the site, and see if there needs to be any improvements, changes or clarifications. It is crucial that many eyes look over the work, as so many people and departments at DDA have played a role in its development. This project is especially challenging, in that its navigation is in a video-game style and we need to be sure that those not too familiar with video games can still use the site successfully. There are bound to be some differences of opinion, but these discussions will ultimately improve the game and the user experience.

At DDA, all departments involved in a project, whether it be promotional or for clients, are always kept in the “development loop.” Especially as DDA has the ability to incorporate so many technologies into a single project, it is vital that each department keep in step with the others. In doing this, we ensure consistency throughout the project and that no details go unnoticed.