Hello Flash.

The reason why I love working in Flash is because of its versatility. From creating slide shows to creating animations, playing video and creating games, Flash is a Renaissance Tool. When it comes to using Flash on sites or creating sites with Flash, there are a number of ways to communicate and send information to a Flash SWF file. For storing data, text and xml files are easily created and accessed. Integrating with PHP and ColdFusion is also possible. Flash also uses its own cookies, which actually don’t get cleared when running a standard cache-clear in the web browser. When published to a projector, such as on a CD-ROM, the Flash cookie resides on the user’s system and is useful for storing user data and information that may be necessary for repeat visits of the CD-ROM. Flash can communicate easily with javascript and makes use of the “location.search” code in order to use variables that may have been defined from another page on a site. Making the most of these communication methods really improves the functionality of a Flash application whether it is embedded in a site or a website itself.