Hello Video, What’s your Metadata?

Metadata is data about data, and video has it. Video metadata includes such things as lens, focal length, aperture, shutter timing, only naming a few. Most of the time, when video is imported into video editing software, this metadata is discarded. Since video is now in a digital age, the possibilities for storing metadata are endless, and the applications of using the metadata are also becoming more important.

For example, we have been busily filming, 3D modeling, 3D animating and compositing for the DDA CMT videos. One aspect of the project involved using move matching software to create a 3D simulation of camera movement in space. If cameras aren’t already out there with built-in accelerometers, I’m sure their making is already in process. The data from the accelerometers could be incorporated into the metadata of the video and software could use that information to calculate the exact movements of the camera at the time the footage was captured.