“Help me Obi-Wan Kenobi, I’m on CNN!”

During the elections, CNN introduced some interesting video technologies during their  live coverage. One effect was the appearance of a “holographic” anchorwoman beamed in from Chicago speaking directly with Wolf Blitzer live at the CNN headquarters, wherever that is. The truth is that although Wolf spoke to the anchorwoman as if she was physically present in the room, he was merely staring into blank space, with a big red dot as a reference point. The hologram was composited onto the video feed and the broadcast. It must certainly take a lot of processing power in order to calculate the match moving equations and relay the details from studio to studio. Live match moving was also used in another effect where detailed 3D data graphics and graphs appeared in a live set where an anchorman was able to interact with the 3D graphics using a control screen as a fellow anchorwoman “watched” the 3D graphics change and animate.

At DDA, we use similar technologies to animate 3D characters into a video environment with a spokesperson. Our spacious studio allows us to create sets or virtual chroma key environments in which we shoot commercials, tradeshow videos, medical videos, product videos. Using match moving software we recreate the original camera movements in a 3D file and intergate 3D animations.