Hoping to be Blown Away by Avatar this Weekend

I’m also hoping that my Dad will be able to stop by this weekend during a weekend’s break from his business trip but the multiple feet of snow could be a hindrance! I really want to get him out to the theaters to watch Avatar in 3D, which I have yet to see also. Even if he isn’t able to make it, hopefully I can still make it to the movies. With 3D work always happening at DDA, it will be inspiring to see the latest and greatest in 3D animation. I’m also looking forwards to watching “the making of” as new technologies have been used for the making of the film. Watching the footage and mastering the DVD for the movie “300″ sneak peak was also eye opening, especially having been created using the same animation software as DDA, NewTek’s Lightwave. I wonder if I’ll be looking at our 3D medical animations, 3D medical simulations, 3D characters and 3D environments in a whole new light after seeing the movie. At least hopefully I will have a good blog for next week about our experience at the movies.