How a Virtual Medical Simulation was affected by Eyjafjallajökull

Well, I think we all know about the Eyjafjallajökull volcano in Iceland and how it has affected so many people globally. It’s ash cloud has also affected me personally with my mom visiting from France, due to fly back last Sunday, and her flights being canceled, my father being in Poland for business and having to work around the masses at the somber national funeral service and organize a two-day, 5-person road-trip back to France, and a meeting of Philips medical device training reps in the Netherlands, due to review our virtual medical simulation training tool, being canceled with the travel disruptions. It really is humbling and scary to realize and experience the effects of this single volcano from so far away. I just hope that things only start to improve and the nearby Katla volcano doesn’t decide to chime-in (knock on wood).