I can’t see the weather because of Flash 9… Whhhhaaaat?

Ok, so when I first set foot in my office in the morning and turn on the computer, Shredder, we always share pleasantries about the weather. Using weather.com’s desktop weather station, I can always tell if we’re in for trouble when the task icon is flashing an urgent color. “Oh dear, we’re in for high winds, slippery road conditions, dense fog, high tides…” or whatever. Unfortunately for the past few months each time I open the program, I get an error message about five times in a row, always the same message relating to a – let me check- there it is… “script error”.

So, finally, this morning I decided that enough was enough and re-installed the program. Well, it looks a lot nicer now. I would have thought any updates would have been done automatically to the old version, like most other software. Wait a minute… ah, there’s that “script error” again. The question is, is it Shredder not caring about discussing the weather with me anymore, or is it them? Turns out that, through some investigative research, the desktop weather program won’t support Flash 9, and funnily enough (to some) Adobe CS3 (which includes Flash 9) was released April 16th, 2007, almost a year ago to the date! Even for being a free program, it seems rather silly that weather.com wouldn’t update their program just by changing some of the AS coding, something that we have run into here at DDA with regularly upgrading our own software.

Weather.com, if you don’t update your desktop weather station soon, I think Shredder and I will have to take our morning conversations elsewhere. I’m sorry to say it, but it must be done.