In a Leaf, the Throws of Fall Stir

My favorite season is approaching and I can feel the anticipation in the leaves clinging to their tree. Fall and Winter are oddly the seasons when I feel most alive. The colors, smell, and crunching of fallen leaves invade the senses, the chill of cold air feels like ice in the lungs and breathing out reveals a swirl of misty water vapor droplets only to be sucked up by the dryness in the air.

Since DDA moved early this year to our new location, we find ourselves surrounded by trees and currently under a thick canopy of leaves. But each time I step out of my car, I notice more and more leaves and nut shells scattered in the parking lot. I think eagerly to the day when snow will grace the landscape and I can head to the snowy slopes on Fridays.

Sitting at my desk, working on various project proposals and estimates, building interactive CD-ROMs, 2D Flash animations, integrated video websites and DVD authoring, I occasionally glance upwards through my window and notice the sun’s position gradually becoming lower in the sky, day by day and the color that shines through the leaves, a green screen colored green, slowly changing hue.

Being in the suburbs of Philadelphia, amongst nature and its trees, doing what I love to do, and soon snowboarding on Fridays (not working!), I am so thankful to say that I truly work at one of the best workplaces in Philadelphia and best website design agencies in Philadelphia, Dynamic Digital Advertising.