iOS4 Installed, Drumroll Please…

As I loaded a movie onto my iPhone last night in preparation for my elliptical run entertainment, iTunes informed me of an available update for my iPhone, iOS4! I wasn’t expecting it to be released until the new iPhone4 starts shipping but apparently iOS4 was released yesterday. So, I ended up running entertainment-less while my phone went through its updating procedure through the evening, into the night and until the wee hours of the morning while I slept. Yes, there are a ton of complaints already about the hours long procedure. I tested it out this morning while having breakfast, discovering it’s new features and those which weren’t made available to my iPhone3G. I can’t say I was blown away by anything or surprised, but I guess that will happen when the iPhone4 arrives.

Disappointingly, my topic yesterday of the embedded video playback in the Safari browser didn’t come to fruition. Although it may still be a feature with the iPhone4, with it’s faster processor and more RAM, there’s still an issue of bandwidth. With AT&T charging for bandwidth usage, users need to initiate an action that might start the transfer of a lot of data. This would obviously avoid any unintentional data transfer that could result in really high bills! Ideally, Safari should be able to detect if the user is on Wi-Fi or not and play the video accordingly. Oh, if only.

As new products and updated operating systems roll out in the growing mobile device industry, DDA stays informed and adapts to the changes that arise. Our latest department, AppleSAVVY, is all about making websites that have functionality issue with the iPhone and iPad more friendly. Flash, unfortunately, isn’t an option but thanks to CSS, Javascript and emerging html5, other options are available for interactivity websites and animation. Website videos also needs to be formatted appropriately. With this comes all sorts of other hurdles such as browser incompatibilities, but we’re sure to build wisely and test thoroughly.