Is your video anamorphic?

Unless you are working on a film for the big-screen, ( most likely not) video is a complex medium that has many different forms. If the parameters of the video are not defined properly, this can effect how the video is displayed and create issues in trying to resolve the matter. It gets even more complicated when taking into account what type of screen the video will be displayed on. Standard televisions have 0.9 aspect ratio while computer monitors have square pixel aspect ratio. The introduction of HD formats have now added the 1.33 aspect ratio into the mix. The latest versions of Photoshop provide handy presets for various video configurations available. A quick browse through these presets will show you just how many options there are.

To someone who isn’t working with video on a regular basis, video dimensions, aspect resolutions and pixel aspect resolutions can be confusing or unimportant. At DDA, we always define the format of a video project from its inception to meet the client’s delivery method which can range from DVD distribution to tradeshow videos, web videos and CD-ROM videos.