Making eLearning Tools Run Like a Fine Tuned Engine

This fall, I purchased my first motorcycle, a 1985 Honda VF700S. Granted, it’s a bit ragged around the edges with some rodent nests and cosmetic issues, and I have yet to ride it to its fullest but as I work on cleaning and tuning the bike, I’m finding out just how intricate, fragile and painstaking the design and workings of an engine really are. This past week I have been removing the carburetor air intake and dismantling the individual carburetors, removing the various jets for cleaning and inspecting the float bowls. Having never worked on an engine before, I am gaining a lot of respect for the history, engineering and workmanship that went into building the individual parts. Taking from my various hobbies and life experiences I try to apply the knowledge gained to my work at DDA, whether we’re building eLearning tools, 3D animations, medical illustrations, healthcare videos or medical product showcases. Graphics and code needs to be optimized to make sure that the program runs as efficiently as possible with nothing clogging the valves. All parts involved and those producing them need to work well together like a fine tuned (and oiled!) engine.