Making Old Look New (and more efficient!)

A good number of us at DDA spend a decent amount of our free time fixing up our houses. If you have been through our blogs, you have certainly encountered some stories. Today’s blog is my chance to make a metaphor between my renovations and DDA’s renovating services, for your digital marketing needs of course!

This past Friday I spent the day working on the aluminum siding around the doorway to our deck which was in quite a dilapidated state due to poor workmanship from some previous owner. Instead of finishing off the siding around the door, a piece of flimsy molding was simply nailed straight onto the siding allowing bugs, moisture and drafts to penetrate the house quite easily. I ripped off the molding, filled the large gaps around the door frame with expanding foam, tacked a J-channel around the door frame, re-cut the siding to fit snugly into the channel and re-nailed some primed molding around the door.  The result – a much more aesthetic finish, and much better protection from nature and its various forces.

At DDA, when approached by a company seeking services, we always go to their website, if available, to get more information. Many times, we bring up their website only to cringe and flinch. Many websites we encounter lack in a number of areas from website design aesthetic, website usability, and search engine optimization. Most of the time these flaws are due to neglect, poor workmanship and lack of knowledge. We are always sure to point out these issues even if the client did not approach us for website work.

Just like a door to a house, a website is a company’s door to the public and it needs to look inviting and function properly. We offer loads of services to cater to these needs, just one look at our service list and extensive portfolio should make any one looking for website design and search engine optimization in Philadelphia jump at the opportunity to work with DDA. When they do, they won’t regret it!