Medical and Healthcare eLearming Tools, modelled on Hollywood

As reflected in some of my previous blogs, when exciting movies hit the theaters, I love checking out their websites to see what they contain and how they are built. When the latest Star Trek movie came out, I was sure the site would be exciting.

Turns out, the site was indeed really nice, yet somewhat suitably understated. It has nice navigation features, smooth running and screen filling video that leads you through the virtual space of the Starship Enterprise’s corridors and control rooms. It’s inviting, not overwhelming. Scaling the browser window reveals the “stickiness” of the navigation tools as they cling to the edge of the browser window and going full-screen puts them on the periphery of your monitor.

As I navigated through the site, I realized that the methods used would be perfectly suitable for a medical simulation and medical product eLearning tool we are currently in the early stages of building. The main central area of the interface is crucial for showing imagery, giving users simulated controls of medical equipment so keeping other navigation tools on the edge of the interface is important.

Pulling creative ideas from the DDA team and other outside sources, sometimes even from Hollywood, really helps bring medical and healthcare eLearning tools, medical simulations and medical product showcasing to life.