Medical Simulation Narration In Session

Right now, we are streaming the narration recording session for a virtual medical simulation to our client in the Netherlands. So far, everything is moving along smoothly and we should have it wrapped up really soon! Our voiceover talent, selected from DDA’s gallery of network actors, was already in the studio a couple weeks ago for videotaping the introduction video so she’s already well versed in the material. With the client watching live overseas, they can provide instant feedback through the chat feature on our DDA Live webcast interface. A valuable tool as they have already caught a couple words and phrases that needed last minute editing.

The DDA Live webcast interface is a great tool for DDA and our clients, providing streamlined work-flow, reduced telecommunication and travel costs and full control and direction from the client. So, wherever you are, if you have a medical simulation that needs narration or a spokesperson, we’re the studio to chose for production and post-production. If a virtual medical simulation isn’t on your mind, we’ll take care of your promotional video, medical eLearning tool, 3D medical animation, healthcare website, or any of your digital marketing needs.