Medical Videos, Medical Illustrations, Medical Animations!

At DDA Medical, we work with a lot of medical footage. This footage is edited into instructional dvds, product launch videos, tradeshow videos, marketing videos and training tools. We also create a lot of medical imagery such as medical illustrations, 3d medical simulations, and 2d medical animations.

One of our latest medical video shoots was for a dental practice promoting a certain dental procedure product. We followed the patient through various offices, documenting the stages of the procedure, sometimes with a couple months between appointments. Dental procedures are tricky to document as there is so much happening in such a small place, unless you’re that guy from the Reach toothbrush commercials. The camera was in constant motion around the patient making sure to capture crucial steps in the procedure and of course getting good shots of the product in action. The end result will be a great product marketing and procedure study video and a happy guy with a whole set  of shiny new implants (all teeth, top and bottom)!