Melding Minds

We are currently working on an interesting product video featuring an economic and environmental plant watering system for big-box home-improvement stores and nurseries. The system consists of 3 racks of plant-holding trays which fill with water and hydrate the roots from the bottom-up. The water trickles from top rack down to the bottom and eventually into a water tank which re-circulates the water. Above the top rack is a drip system for hanging plants. The pump is powered by a battery which is in turn fueled by solar cells. Clearly an innovative product, we are excited to produce an interesting and captivating sales video.

With a decent part of my day handling project estimates and overseeing the various projects in the department, I seldom have the hands-on opportunity to work intensively with video editing and compositing. Jake and Andrew are the go-to guys for handling our video projects.

I developed the design concept for this project and worked with Jake to create the mood and motion for the intro animation of the video. I find it very gratifying to express ideas and concepts with my colleagues and then seeing how the concept grows and takes form. Jake works on the animation and we review the various stages, melding our minds and sharing ideas, re-working and elaborating on the project. Andrew conceptualizes with the script for the video, including his photos from last week’s shoot, further contributing to the project. Soon these ideas and fusions of thought will reveal themselves in full motion video and sound. The video will be sure to captivate its audience and the client equally.