Messing with Minds with Augmented Reality

Lately I’ve been amazed by technology that takes live video and blends in live data, merging the two together and messing with my mind. It seems that this technology first started emerging with sports broadcasts. Bright yellow lines stretched across football fields indicating the first-down line, and glowing tails trailed behind hockey pucks as they darted across TV screens. Now, viewers can watch live stills of soccer games animate through the different available camera angles seamlessly and view commentators make notes and marks on the field and move players around in 3D space. Other uses include smart phone apps which use their photo/video lenses to capture visual data such as buildings and streets to deliver appropriate information. Another instance uses web cams to scan the environment and make 3D objects appear out of various surfaces. This experience is called Augmented Reality. With its many uses for interactive media, interactive marketing and interactive tools in general, DDA’s creative minds are getting inspired. Look for some Augmented Reality projects emerging from DDA’s portfolios in the near future!