Misleading Information?

So, today is the marked date for the iPhone 3.0 update. Apple’s website says “Download the 3.0 Software Update. Available June 17″. Well, that’s today but there’s no button or link to initiate the download–weird. For a split second last night it had crossed my mind to stay up past midnight to update my phone (I’m not usually that geeky, really) figuring “Available June 17″ would mean as soon as that date showed up on my computer. Not so. I’m glad that thought was only in my head for a split second.

Apple has been known to sometimes cause a stir, creating a buzz and get people talking. If this is another of their tactics, I really don’t see much of a benefit in making people wait until the decision is made to make the update available when it should have been the second the clock ticked into today. Even with the issue of different time zones, you would think a company like Apple would have a smart way of handling it.

Well, without dwelling on such a mundane issue, I still think they could have worded things differently. At DDA, we’re always aware of the user experience and making sure they get the right information and direction whether it be from a medical training program, healthcare IT application, medical CME, medical simulation or any of the other applications and tools we develop. Live webcasts are a case in point. When viewers are waiting for the show to begin, information needs to be clear and concise to avoid any confusion or misleading information that might turn a user away.