More on Yesterday’s Blog, the Concluding Link

Yesterday, I visited one of my inspiration destination websites to see what was new. The site used to feature the latest technologies being used in Flash such as Papervision3D. But as html5 is starting to play a more powerful role on the net, a lot of the experiments are now in html5. But I was quite happy to see that one of the latest posted experiments was in Flash. The Johnny Cash Project is a really cool site where anyone can contribute to the making of a music video. A viewer is presented with frames of a music video which serve as a canvas to re-draw the imagery from that frame. One can then watch the music video in a number of different moods and themes based on the re-drawn frame submissions (e.g., realistic, abstract). So it basically becomes a classic frame-by-frame animation but I doubt anything like this has been attempted before where any one can contribute so easily with such immediate results. I especially like the homepage of the site which features a couple frames of the video being drawn, fast forward, right in front of your eyes.

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