Mr Radar’s web presence

I have been playing drums for about 14 years now. In my high school years, after classes I would always be hanging out with friends, making music. Up to date, I have been in 3 serious bands; Mush Mouse, League of Death, and Mr Radar. I was also in a couple other not so serious bands called Feelium and Spit Spreads Death, the later ending in complete mechanical and electrical failure at a battle of the bands contest. What kind of music is Mr Radar, you ask? Well, I suppose I would classify us under garage-pop-alternative, but really, it’s in the ears of the beholder.

We currently have a myspace page (of course) and also a website . Our website is very bare-bones, as we plan on fully developing a website full of imagery and fun things. Working at DDA, I have learned a lot, and am thankful that I can now use these skills to develop my band’s website. We have also designed stickers and T-shirts, all with the help of knowledge I have gained from being at DDA. From creating the design, to building flash applications for video and audio delivery, and optimizing the site, it’s nice to know that we won’t have to incur the costs of developing a site. We can put our earnings towards recording, touring and creating merchandise.

DDA is made up of all sorts of talented people; artists, musicians, authors, designers, and others. We all bring our talents and skills to the plate when it comes to working on a project. In turn, we take our acquired experience and knowledge, and use it to better and enrich our lives.