My 4 main goals, this week.

This week, I have 4 main goals involving 4 large projects.

1. A Product CD-ROM we have been working on for a couple months is getting finalized. We have received the last tid bits of information and content from the client and they can be added to the main product menu. This versatile CD-ROM includes video product showcases, extensive product details and product beauty shots and links to the clients shopping cart on their current website. We are excited to get the CD-ROM into production so the client can start distributing and reaping the rewards.

2. A highly interactive website with detailed information on the HPV vaccine for men and women of all ages is also nearing completion. The site involves interactive magazines to convey the information to users. A video spokesperson also helps guide the viewer and presents them with information should they chose to just sit back, watch and listen. Almost all content and PDF links have been added, all that remains is for the client to approve the functionality and interactivity of the spokesperson’s intro script so we can process the video for the other scripts in similar fashion.

3. A commercial health product website is nearing it’s Phase I deadline. I like to call this Phase I a “Teaser” as it only provides a bit of information on the product and hints at things to come. The preliminary phase involves a couple pages of content, a nice animation on the homepage and a product demonstration video. Phase II will be a giant leap forward with 3D Flash animations, mini games and viral marketing to pull traffic to the site.

4. DDA CMT. Well, we have been blogging about this project for several weeks and we are deep into the processing of the video. It will take a bit of time to run the move matching algorithms for compositing the 3D animations but it will be worth it!!!

Of course, beyond these 4 main goals, the DDA Machine keeps steaming along through all the other video, print, programming and website projects.