My Crazy Day Doesn’t Affect DDA

So, after having a lovely Easter with my in-laws down at the farm in Peach Bottom PA. Erin, Indie and I got home from the 1.5 hour drive up 95 and I reversed into our driveway down the alleyway. But as I tried getting out of reverse and into neutral (I drive manual) the clutch pedal was stuck and I couldn’t shift. My heart sank. I manually pulled out the clutch pedal and pumped but it moved freely, with no resistance. Luckily, it wasn’t until we got home that it gave up. I took it to a local garage Monday and they replaced the master and slave clutch cylinders. I picked it up in the evening but things still weren’t good. I brought it back this morning (Wednesday) and in a couple hours, they replaced the hose connecting the master and slave (thought they would have done that to begin with!) and I finally got on my way to DDA for a half days work.

During the time I was out sorting the car, I was able to touch base occasionally with the DDA team concerning the various medical simulations, promotional videos, eLearning tools and 3D medical animations being developed. I was able to give some feedback on a couple items and work on some estimates but as the director of the video department, it’s great to know that everyone pulls their weight and manages their work efficiently. That way, when unexpected issues outside of work crop up, one can have the ease of mind that DDA is still working away.