My Video Jungle Office

The past couple days I have been hording video equipment in my office. It’s like a little jungle of video technology. I’m surrounded by studio lights and towering tripods, dangling RCA and iLink cables threaten to snare my ankles each time I venture to the door. A flock of Party Hats sit atop my desk shelves, waiting for the opportunity to attack the next time I turn away in my swivel chair. Wait a sec, why are there party hats in here anyway? I sense motion in my peripheral vision and turn just in time to see lenses adjusting their focus on my every action.

My office has been turned into this forest due to the installation of insulation in the main studio. As this is a rather messy procedure, we have cleared all the movable equipment to safer locations, including my office. Adding the insulation will create a much more comfortable and stable environment for all the spokesperson videos, product showcases, tradeshow videos and green screen videos shot in the studio. The furnace which is close to the studio has been professionally sectioned off and safely sealed to prevent any sound leakage while shooting.

It’s things like this that make DDA such an awesome place to go to each workday (except Friday of course!); great bosses, spacious facility, talented co-workers, exceptional clients, and the best equipment. It makes hording video equipment for a couple days… enjoyable.