Obama’s Press Conference / the Fate of Our Glaciers

Yesterday, I was sure to set the alarm on my watch to remind me to tune into PBS to watch the documentary “Extreme Ice” on Nova. Listening to the radio that day, I was also reminded that President Obama would be having a press conference in the evening. So when I sat down on the couch, ready for the documentary, I wasn’t surprised to see that it was bumped back to 9:00 pm by the press conference starting at 8:00. Having missed some of Obama’s television appearances in the last few weeks, I felt the need to watch and absorb our president’s latest update.Amidst all the financial issues and debates I was most intrigued and compelled by his mentioning of the push for  renewable resource industries and having them provide new jobs to those recently laid off by company cut-backs and making the US less dependant on imported natural resources. Most importantly, using renewable resources such as wind power and solar energy will hopefully help decrease the threat of environmental dangers such as global warming and all its associated repercussions. President Obama’s statement was a perfect segway into the following program, “Extreme Ice”, a photographer’s documentation of global glaciers and their changes over the past few years and into the future.The documentary was amazing. James Balog’s beautiful photos of the glaciers captured the intensity and humbling beauty of glaciers and their existence. Amazing video footage and time-lapse photography reveals the calving of the glacier, when titanic chunks of ice shear off, leading to the gradual but frighteningly accelerating recession of glaciers. High technology was used in the documentary from HD video cameras to time lapse photographic cameras revealing glaciers in a way never before documented. Needless to say, by the end of the program I wanted to see more.  I was entranced by the imagery but scared by the story they tell.At DDA, we have noticed the growing renewable resources industries by a number of companies approaching us for marketing products. This is how we can contribute to the greater cause. Rarely can one find a more solid team offering such an extensive yet cohesive set of services for today’s marketing needs. Visit our video production, medical marketing and healthcare IT, corporate and medical training and corporate websites for more information.