Ok, who let the programmer into the brain?

I have always been a very visual person. Coming from a family of artists and having a very artistic environment, this was inevitable. With my primary artistic and creative work focus being in Flash, the advent of Actionscript 3 has definitely revealed the programmer in my brain, and it’s whirring and cranking!!!

My grandmother was an illustrator. Her mediums included wood block prints from which she would carve and print beautiful illustrations of houses and animals for books, as well as watercolors, painting beautiful scenes from fairy tales and fables. My mum inherited these talents and also paints in watercolors. And now, I have these talents. I have worked in a number of mediums, never really choosing one over the other.

In reality, I do believe that my artistic medium is Flash. From my first exposure to the software in the late 90s, I have created simple animations using motion and shape tweening, created simple frame actions, learned AS1 and AS2. I have learned to integrate Flash video, program with Object Oriented Programming (OOP), developed intricate sites with flash cookies and javascript integration, and more recently have been delving into the world of Actionscript 3.

Actionscript 3 is a whole new world to AS2. This language is a lot more geared to the programmer and developer than the artist and designer. I have become very familiarized with programming in Flash as it is a really rewarding experience to be faced with a challenge and to come up with the most efficient solution possible for solving that challenge. When it works, even making the simplest action come to life is exciting. AS3 is configured entirely differently, in that it consists of packages, classes, public and private functions—all relatively new concepts in my mind. As with AS2, in AS3 one can create an entire graphic application without even touching a pixel in an image editor or on the Flash stage area. Of course being an artist and designer, this idea is absolutely preposterous.

Although I may not use AS3 to build all the graphic elements of a project, the programmer in me will certainly be busily typing the code in the corner of my brain creating that perfect solution, while the artist carves and paints the visual aesthetics of the challenge at hand.