Optimizing the Learning Experience

Being one of the top ten best search engine marketing and search engine optimization firms in the US is by no means the be all and end all of DDA’s many services. Not only do we want to make it easier for people to find your site but once they are there, we want to hold them there and make their experience unmatched and memorable. This especially rings true when it comes to online CMEs, interactive training tools and medical simulations.

Currently we are working on an interactive medical CME site for teaching and standardizing the scoring system for swallowing impairment. You can bet that a tool like this has never been created before. We are well into the programming for a unique video player which allows the viewer to compare and contrast a vast array of fluoroscopic videos to be able to see and learn what makes one impairment different from another and all the intricacies and defects that can happen during a specific stage of a swallow.

Throughout all the stages of the project we are always keeping the user in mind to optimize their learning experience through the use of unique tools, easy access to valuable information, tracking and progress mechanisms and site usability.