Papervision3D for Flash animations and other applications

Hi and welcome to my first posting on the DDA Blog! I am the Director of Motion Arts here at DDA Video. I will be writing my first post about a new trend in Flash animation that incorporates 3D models and motion with the fast loading delivery time and ease-of-use of Adobe Flash.

DDA first used this technology in the DDA Pyramid website. A preliminary version of the Pyramid involved Flash AS2 and a 3D animation rendering of a spinning pyramid. The actions worked well with the animation, although we were lacking a couple levels of interactivity. We then switched the project to AS3 and threw in the Papervision3D coding to reach the goals of the user experience.

Another potential project was for an animation which involved the opening of an envelope. From within, a series of cards would slide out, including personalized messages and embedded streaming video. The use of Papervision 3D would allow the user to move around the cards in 3D space with mouse movement and view the cards from various angles. The user would also be able to click on the individual cards to re-shuffle them and view additional information. Links could also be included, taking the user to additional information or email.

Finally, the coding to blend 3D animations with Flash animation authoring is at our fingertips, and a seamless bridge can be created between the two mediums. We look forward to more projects in which we can incorporate this new and exciting technology to create highly innovative, informative and extremely memorable user experiences.